An annotated excerpt from Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze.

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An annotated excerpt from Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze.


18th Century


The excerpt taken from Fantomina shows the initial reaction of Fantomina when she first saw the men getting engaged in the gallery box. This excerpt also explores the initial moments which led Fantomina to enter the gallery box.


Haywood, Eliza. "Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze". Accessed 10 February 2020.









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She could not help testifying her Contempt of Men, who, regardless either of the Play, or Circle, threw away their Time in such a Manner, to some Ladies that sat by her: But they, either less surprised by being more accustomed to such Sights, than she who had been bred for the most Part in the Country, or not of a Disposition to consider any Thing very deeply, took but little Notice of it. She still thought of it, however; and the longer she reflected on it, the greater was her Wonder, that Men, some of whom she knew were accounted to have Wit, should have Tastes so [Page 258] very Depraved. – This excited a Curiosity in her to know in what Manner these Creatures were address'd:– She was young, a Stranger to the World, and consequently to the Dangers of it; and having no Body in Town, at that Time, to whom she was oblig'd to be accountable for her Actions, did in every Thing as her Inclinations or Humours render'd most agreeable to her: Therefore thought it not in the least a Fault to put in practice a little Whim which came immediately into her Head, to dress herself as near as she could in the Fashion of those Women who make sale of their Favours, and set herself in the Way of being accosted as such a one, having at that Time no other Aim, than the Gratification of an innocent Curiosity.


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