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An annotated passage from Fantomina which analyzes how that passage works with the novel as a whole and eighteenth-century ideas about the human mind.

An annotated passage from Robinson Crusoe, expanding the thought process of characters and providing context to the story.

Oronooko is kidnapped by the captain of a slave-trading ship, but the captain manages to dupe Oronooko into thinking it was all a misunderstanding.

Fantomina attempts to convince Beauplaisir to release her from her promises but instead takes her virginity.

An annotated excerpt from "Fantomina" that looks into the differences in the minds of men and women during the eighteenth century.

Fantomina Paragraph 2.pdf
An annotated version of paragraph 2 of Haywood'sFantomina. These annotations pay special attention to the perception of women in the 18th century within the context of writings by philosophers such as David Hume and John Locke.

This networked annotation closely examines a passage from John Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding on senses with emphasis on vocabulary and connection to other works.
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