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A children's book format that explains the Guilty Mind referring to the ideas of Locke and Defoe

the outside of and the inside of the same piece of moldy bread

Guiltinator 3000.JPG
A mock technical drawing of a machine named “Guiltinator 3000”. It is a machine which function is to determine whether a person is guilty or not. It determines a person’s guilt using advanced algorithmz, quantum mechanics, natural product chemistry…

Maker's Exhibit Maya Takai English1102.jpg
This is a photo collage explaining Locke's theory, how he viewed an empty mind as a state which is shaped by experience, sensations and reflections. I made a structure in the middle representing the human DNA with Q-tips. I collaged different…

mind map.png
In this mind map, different examples of Mens rea and Actus Rea crimes are shown along with an explanation as to why a specific crime falls under Mens rea or Actus rea.

This is an interactive mind map that walks you through Aaron's life up to the point where he began to commit crimes and his suicide.

In this video, the life of William Burke is represented as images from when he was a toddler to after his death. These images are positioned around a brain because it provides a visual representation of the humanity and logic of William Burke.…

Here is a drawing of a man presented with a question of where a girl has gone. A girl he has murdered.

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