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Final Portfolio


Robert Durst


Maker's Statement

We believe we did well given our circumstances. We wanted to do a live recording of us in an actual podcast setting, just like the professional ones seen on youtube/social media. Because of the Coronavirus, we unfortunately had to leave campus, and because of the social distancing order, we also could not meet up to work on the project. We believe we did well despite not having physically met up. Ultimately, the project turned out the way that we had planned. Although we couldn’t do an actual podcast with videos, we were able to improvise and find an app that could record our phone calls so it would be somewhat like a podcast.

We came up with this idea because in English 1101 we talked about the infamous, Robert Durst case which was very unique because the accused murderer gave multiple interviews. We watched The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst which is a very interesting overview of the case. This showed his facial expressions which is a clear indication of how he felt. This made us realize that he is the perfect example of a guilty mind considering he showed no remorse in any of his interviews.

In the beginning of making the project, we both had gathered substantial amounts of information and factual based evidence. We both worked together to gather information. One of us wrote an overview of the Robert Durst case and the other found information on his childhood and how it could have caused trauma that made him the man he is today. Overall, we think he worked well together and considering the circumstances, created an informational, influential product.


Kanak Agarwal and Christine Chang


Guilty Mind Podcast.mp3


Kanak Agarwal and Christine Chang, “Final Portfolio,” Enlightenmens, accessed February 7, 2023,

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