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Part of a series of 4 oil paintings, Hogarth aimed to portray daily life in London. Morning in particular, depics a women sheilding herself from two men with women. It is set in Covent Garden, near the infamous Tom King's Coffee House (a coffee shop…

The poemThe Rape of the Lock was Alexander Pope's depiction of 18th-century women who believed in the importance of beauty and self-worth. The main character, Belinda, highlights this overarching message in the poem when she finds herself mourning…

The painting paints a scene from the famous opera at the time: The Beggar's Opera. In this scene, on trial for a robbery, Captain Macheath stands imprisoned in shackles with his two lovers sprawled on the floor pleading for his life. The two lovers…

This is a corset that would have been worn by a female as a fashion statement. It would make the wearers waist appear small, while maintaining the size of her hips and bust.

Blog about the view of a female skeleton during the 18th century in comparison to male skeletons.

An older, appearing to me a Lady, woman is getting ready in front of the mirror while sitting down. Her maid is doing her hair and appears to be listening to her mistress.

This is a network annotation piece taken from Eliza Haywood's Fantomina.

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omeka 7.jpg
A philanthropic organization to teach young girls how to read and write so that their only choice in a career isn't prostitution

Engraving of Maria and her lover from A Sentimental Journey before he left her; printed on chine collé.

hardship of wives.pdf
In the essay, the author carefully introduced and examined the English law that put wives subordinate to their husband and even the society at large. She gave various examples of court cases that treated wives unfairly, and went on to unravel wives'…

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