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Female convicts working fire pumps.jpg
Convicted women are working the fire pumps. The lettering suggests the women pumping the fire pumps are some of the strongest inmates. There is some speculation that these women are in prison for infanticide.

Illustration of Puritan men in the process of a trial of a women accused of being a witch.

Blog about the view of a female skeleton during the 18th century in comparison to male skeletons.

The poemThe Rape of the Lock was Alexander Pope's depiction of 18th-century women who believed in the importance of beauty and self-worth. The main character, Belinda, highlights this overarching message in the poem when she finds herself mourning…

This website is an interesting article about the importance and roles of salons in the 18th century. It goes into detail about what a salon was and how they changed culture. It also going into detail about the opportunities these salons gave women…

Woman Seated.jpg
Another painting created during the Romanticism period that illustrates man's connection with nature.

Grown ladies taught to dance.jpg
This is a painting from British School 18th Century. It depicts a scene where ladies learn to dance. Fancy and over-the-top hairstyles and fashion can be seen here.

Engraving of Maria and her lover from A Sentimental Journey before he left her; printed on chine collé.

18th century black and white 'sketch' of a murderer in their prison clothing.

The mother looks to be from the upper class with beads the drape her hair to the blue fancy dress. Her daughter shares the same frilly attire and is handing her a rose.
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