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Sentimental Journey.jpg
This is an illustration through a wood-engraving that depicts Yorick greeting a women. It is not exactly clear who this engraving could be referring to in regards to the woman but there are many candidates. This depiction seems a bit strange,…

essay picture.jpg

A young couple in 18th century dress on a terrace, the man kneeling and taking the woman's hand, his elbows in her lap, looking up at her while she strokes his hair; his hat lies on a table with a chess board on the right; after Stone; before…

Grown ladies taught to dance.jpg
This is a painting from British School 18th Century. It depicts a scene where ladies learn to dance. Fancy and over-the-top hairstyles and fashion can be seen here.

18th century black and white 'sketch' of a murderer in their prison clothing.

Woman Seated.jpg
Another painting created during the Romanticism period that illustrates man's connection with nature.

This oil painting depicts two women sitting outside looking at each other lovingly. One is sitting on top of the other's legs and they are both holding a white dove with a love letter attached to it. The painter was created for Jeanne Antoniette…

This networked annotation explores topics related to Fantomina's mind and the representations of minds of women in general.

Women created campaigns to push for women to vote and have jobs like men. These campaigns went unstopped going into the 1900s.
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