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From the National Maritime Museum - Double barrelled shotgun owned by the Sultan of Witu in case (see AAA2541.1). There is a more detailed description of this shotgun contained within the "Notebook" field within the "Mail" icon.

From the National Maritime Museum - Naval rifle. Brass butt plate with tongue on top, fitted with a brass covered butt box with a semi-circular end (hinged) secured at the back by a steel spring. Plain brass trigger guard with brass spur behind. Two…

From the National Maritime Museum - The scabbard is made from pierced gilt mounted on black leather. The gilt is pierced in two places to show the leather below. The scabbard has two rings for the attachment of belt slings. The obverse of the top…

The dance of death the duel.jpg
A man is killed in a duel with a skeleton dragging him down. His second the doctor rush to him while the winner and his second look on.

Flintlock pistol. The pistol has a walnut stock fitted with a brass trigger guard and a brass buttcap. A single brass ramrod pipe is fitted at the fore-end into which the wooden ramrod is fitted. The pistol also has a brass sideplate of roughly…

From the National Maritime Museum.
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