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Fonthill Abbey.jpg
This is an image from Graphical and literary illustrations of Fonthill abbey, Wiltshire : with heraldical and genealogical notices of the Beckford family. It is of the house built in the Gothic style by the English Gothic writter William Beckford.

The painting depicts the extravagance and exaggeration of fashion in the eighteenth century. It was important for people to look a certain way, and that involved an excessive amount of clothing.

Louis XV.jpg
A portrait of King Louis XV, the King at the time of publication of A Sentimental Journey by Sterne, done by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour.

In the image, the devil can be seen encouraging the women in the picture to continue being whores as one can be seen happily counting money. The image is the cover image of a book with the title literally translating to "The open-mouthed miss." But…

A wealthy woman sits in a room with her husband, an escort, and two others.
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