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Engraving or James McDermott and Grace Marks upon their trial at Toronto, Upper Canada, November 3RD AND 4TH, 1843. As they appeared at the Court House. Accused of Murdering Mr. Thos. Kinnear & Nancy Montgomery

William Burke and William Hare carried out murders in the West Port, Edinburgh throughout 1827 and 1828. They sold the bodies to an anatomy school. Burke and his lover, Helen McDougal, stood trial in December 1828.

A verdict from old bailey online of the murder of Robert Mould committed by William Parker.

The courthouse is built in an Italian brick style with three floors. In the front of the courtyard there is an area where people could gather and watch the trials.

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A lawyer defends a thief from execution while putting his shoe on the face of what we can assume is Lady Truth. It is clear that the thief is guilty and that the lawyer is the only reason he isn't going to be hung.

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She is well known for her attempted poisoning of King Louis XIV as well as selling poison, aphrodisiacs, and abortions. She is said to have killed around 2500 people

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The image depicts the trail of James Maclaine in London and the text below describes the trial.

Locke's essay on the government and its role with the justice system in the 17th century. He talks about the law and how it relates to each and every individual. In the text, Locke's makes many comparison to biblical examples in the law and how God…

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The subject, Nero, has been hanged for his crimes. His body has been donated to anatomists for public dissections. A crowd gathers as surgeons take him apart. The dominating figure above oversees the spectacle, his role as chief surgeon or high judge…
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