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Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, the principle docter on the right, is painted to be explaining the anatomy of the hand. The musculature of the arm is illustrated by medical students are all gathered around the cadaver, with full focus on the professor.

This is an image of one of the many surgical instruments used in the 17th century. The trepan was a small tube-shaped saw. It consisted of a handle which was used to rotate the sharp points of the saw like a miniature screwdriver. Its main purpose…

cranial nerves.jpg
A wet specimen of cranial nerves, preserved in spirits, maintained and donated by Dr. Charles Bell (1774-1842).

william hogarth  the four stages of cruelty_ the reward of cruelty 1 february 1751.jpg
The subject, Nero, has been hanged for his crimes. His body has been donated to anatomists for public dissections. A crowd gathers as surgeons take him apart. The dominating figure above oversees the spectacle, his role as chief surgeon or high judge…
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