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Fashionable Hair in 1781.jpg
An etching demonstrating women's fashion in hairstyles in 1781

This is an in depth analysis of the introduction to Fantomina. My annotations highlight the social structure of the 18th century as described by the author of Fantomina. Location, appearance, and attitude are examples of highlights of social class…

france v England.jpeg
This is a sketch contrasting England and France in the eighteenth century. Specifically it shows the hierarchys at the time anf typically clothing of the people.

snuff box.jpg
This is an antique snuff box that bears a striking similarity to Yorick's snuff box in Laurence Sterne's "A Sentimental Journey".

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Louis XV.jpg
A portrait of King Louis XV, the King at the time of publication of A Sentimental Journey by Sterne, done by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour.
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