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A passage from Oroonoko where Oroonoko gives a speech to a group of slaves, trying to inspire them to try to escape.

Lines from Oroonoko: A Tragedyin which the Lieutenant-Governor informs Oroonoko that he would not force Imoinda to do something against her will

A passage from Oroonoko where he asks Trefry to provide him with alternate robes befitting a slave so people would not recognize him.

Grub for Sharks: A Concession to the Negro Populace.png
A painting exemplifying colonial simplistic, stereotypical views of African slaves.

This is an excerpt from Oroonoko depicting Oroonoko's speech to the other slaves in an attempt to convince them that they should escape. Oroonoko appeals to the collective culture and value of slaves and tries to remind other slaves that it is better…

Oroonoko, also known as Caesar, prepares to kill his wife, Imoinda, so that she and her not yet born child would not have to suffer the burden of slavery.

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral.jpg
One of her less celebrated poems, ‘On Imagination’, which offers the clearest insight into the inner world of the ‘unchained voices’.

Cameo made by J. Wedgwood of a slave in chains: ‘ Am I not a man and a brother’

Reasons for abstaining from West-India rum and sugar, suited to the understandings of the common people pg2 thru 5.pdf
A persuasive essay detailing the horrors of slave transport to rum and sugar plantations in the Caribbean

This map, part of a larger set titledThe World Described, depicts how Africa was seen as a commodity by of Europeans. For example, the western coastline has been divided into zones labelled "Grain," "Ivory," "Gold," and "Slave Coast," which shows…

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