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In this excerpt, Descartes argues that common structures of knowledge and belief are merely "errors powerful enough to darken our natural intelligence," and thus places rational thought above all other modes of information. In doing so, Descartes…

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His argument of the inquiry: (1) Our ideas have their origin in our perceptions and are received by senses. (2) For different perceptions, we have different senses. (3) Perceptions are founded in certain qualities of the objects perceived. (4) These…

The excerpt accounts the views on man based on his emotional/sentimental behavior. Those who are sympathetic and willing to listen amiable, while those who are only concerned with themselves are disagreeable. This statement exemplifies Smith's ideas…

Joseph Highmore created twelve paintings based on the novel "Pamela". In this painting, he portrays Pamela fainting as Mr. B. attempts to seduce her. This shows that while literature was becoming more sentimental, so was art. Visual art and painting…

Oil painting portrait of Samuel Richardson, the author of "Pamela" and "Clarissa"

Oil painting depicting a scene in "Pamela" where Mr. B is hiding in the closet as Pamela and Mrs. Jewkes are preparing for bed

A portrait of Laurence Sterne, writer of A Sentimental Journey. Painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1760

A painting depicting the Age of Sentimentalism in the 18th century

An excerpt from Chapter 2 The Vicar of Wakefield which captures the sentimental experience of courtship through an account of the daily routine led by the involved families

This excerpt from a journal article introduces the idea of politeness in the eighteenth-century. This excerpt talks about trends between politeness and its relation to behavior. This is similar to discussions of sentimentalism, passions, and…
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