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A wood engraving depicting Yorick's interaction with the monk from A Sentimental Journey. Yorick's face of disgust can be seen here

An oil painting depicting the pulse scene from Sterne's "A Sentimental Journey"

A kind of collage portraying important scenes from the novel, as well as key words and phrases that appear within the novel. The words and images portrayed generally relate to ideas of sentimentalism and Yorick's expressions of his passions.

This excerpt from a journal article introduces the idea of politeness in the eighteenth-century. This excerpt talks about trends between politeness and its relation to behavior. This is similar to discussions of sentimentalism, passions, and…

A colored, engraved plate depicting LaFleur playing his fife and servants dancing in the kitchen. This illustration comes from the first edition of "A Sentimental Journey".

Before Laurence Sterne published Shandy andA Sentimental Journey, he wrote sermons as a parson which tackled many questions about human identity and experience in the eighteenth century.

Oil painting portrait of Samuel Richardson, the author of "Pamela" and "Clarissa"

Oil painting depicting a scene in "Pamela" where Mr. B is hiding in the closet as Pamela and Mrs. Jewkes are preparing for bed

Maria, from A Sentimental Journey, puts her face in her hands in sorrow as she contemplates her husband and father
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