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Joseph Highmore created twelve paintings based on the novel "Pamela". In this painting, he portrays Pamela fainting as Mr. B. attempts to seduce her. This shows that while literature was becoming more sentimental, so was art. Visual art and painting…

Oil painting depicting a scene in "Pamela" where Mr. B is hiding in the closet as Pamela and Mrs. Jewkes are preparing for bed

An oil painting depicting Maria from "A Sentimental Journey"

A Sentimental Journey.jpg
An Excerpt from 'A Sentimental Journey'

A profound comment was made by Yorick when realizing the German man's intense love for his lost donkey. He proclaims that the people ought to love each other in the way this man loved his donkey, and that the world would be a better place. This…

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemanwas Laurence Sterne's first major success. This exaggerated depiction of the main character, Tristram Shandy, is from an original copy of the novel.

A Sentimental Journey.jpg
An Excerpt from 'A Sentimental Journey' - The Act of Charity, Paris

Part of the point of Yorick's narrative is to contrast his benevolent attitude towards man with the attitudes expressed in the more spleen-oriented, irritable travel narratives of his contemporaries. This welcoming attitude is also what gives the…

In this oddly sexual account of an interaction with a fille de chambre, Yorick remarks that the fille de chambre is so sentimentally in tune with himself that they must be related. Yorick had previously described the girl as "submissive" and…

'A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY', the first part; by Laurence Sterne, M.A. The author's corrected draft, prepared for the press; together with the printed preface and woodcut illustrations of the edition by Nichols.
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