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Maria, from A Sentimental Journey, puts her face in her hands in sorrow as she contemplates her husband and father

'A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY', the first part; by Laurence Sterne, M.A. The author's corrected draft, prepared for the press; together with the printed preface and woodcut illustrations of the edition by Nichols.

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An Excerpt from 'A Sentimental Journey'

In this oddly sexual account of an interaction with a fille de chambre, Yorick remarks that the fille de chambre is so sentimentally in tune with himself that they must be related. Yorick had previously described the girl as "submissive" and…

A book examining the types of passions and emotions of human beings.

An oil painting depicting Maria from "A Sentimental Journey"

Poem on how having sensibility makes the world a more beautiful place

This is a scene depicting Yorick and Maria near the end of A Sentimental Journey. This image shows all the emotions and feelings being expressed which was the epitome of the Age of Sentimentalism
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