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An emotional image series of a collage representing Locke's ideas on Mens Rea. The images are in the order to view. The black and white images are the soul's thoughts while the color is the body's thoughts. The images progress from a thought to a…

This Candle stick depicts Venus the goddess of love and cupid, resting by flowers as a swan a creature of beauty is nursed by the goddess

An engraving of both the eye and the structure of the eye and optic nerves from A Complete Physico-Medical and Churugical on the Human Eye and the Demonstration of Natural Vision.Sight as one of the five senses has been noted to be of vital…

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This cabinet shows the faces of five women that represent the senses. As shown in the close-up picture of the cabinet, a variety of stitches are used such as, metal thread, colored silks, and other materials.

Three women and two men, of various ages, utilizing theor sense of sight. We see two viewing a map, one looking in a mirror, and one looking out of the frame. Furthermore we see the tools of vision a magnifying glass and telescope.
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