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Locke describes how all ideas and rational thinking stem from two functions of the brain, those being, sensation and reflection.

Fantomina writes letters to Beauplaisir as multiple characters, and receives responses from each of them. The annotations explore the complexity of their relationship and what her initial response means.

Sketch of reasearch by Luigi Galvini into the nervous system. Galvini descovered frog legs could move after the frog had died and decided nerves carry electric impulses.

Chapter IX of the second book in John Locke's "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding" which delves into what makes up perception and how perception affects the body's response to events.

Three women and two men, of various ages, utilizing theor sense of sight. We see two viewing a map, one looking in a mirror, and one looking out of the frame. Furthermore we see the tools of vision a magnifying glass and telescope.

Four white women are playing music in concert with each other, one on flute, one on piano, one on violin, one on cello. They range in age, with the cellist appearing as an old woman, while the other musicians appear youthful. The painting is meant to…
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