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An emotional image series of a collage representing Locke's ideas on Mens Rea. The images are in the order to view. The black and white images are the soul's thoughts while the color is the body's thoughts. The images progress from a thought to a…

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This was included in the complete works of Laurence Sterne, which also included a section about his own life. The full title is The works of Laurence Sterne, A.M. Prebendary of York, and Vicar of Sutton on the Forest, and of Stillington near York.…

An entry from the Oxford English Dictionary defining "individual" as referring to a person giving examples of historical use.

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A portrait of Samuel Richardson, author of Pamela And Clarissa done in 1747

An annotated excerpt of "The Case of Madame Mary Carleton" where she describes women who have done things similar to her and how she does not view her actions as immoral.
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