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The article suggests that reason has developed "not to enable us to solve abstract, logical problems or even to help us draw conclusions from unfamiliar data; rather, it developed to resolve the problems posed by living in collaborative groups." It…

In his essay, Locke mentions simple ideas of one sense: the ideas of Sensation which are received from one of the senses and could not be derived from any of others. Noted in the essay, the Molyneux problem was posed: "if a man born blind can feel…

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Gall, Eustache and Chauffron.jpg
Phrenological chart of Gall, Eustache, and Chauffron. Gall was a German anatomist and physiologist who created phrenology. According to the Wellcome Library, Eustache was a "a slave from the Dominican republic who came to be awarded a 'prize for…

Three heads phrenological traits.jpg
The image shows three examples of phrenologic traits associated with insanity. On the left is a mentally defective person, and in the middle is a mad woman. The final sketching is of French murderer P.F. Lacenaire.

'The Lecturer' giving an anatomy lesson with a pig's carcase, No. 2, Noxiana series of satires

The 1832 Act published in response to the growing demand for cadavers. "An Act for regulating Schools of Anatomy."

Plaster mold (phrenology).jpg
According to the London Science Museum, "Pierre Francois Lacenaire (1800-36) was a notorious French killer. He was executed by guillotine in March 1836. A plaster copy was made of his head after his death. This was collected by Dr Gachet (1828-1909),…

This is a painting offering us a look into the 18th century mind. One putti experiments with a bird while the others play in the room, exploring with other things. Instances of science and the study of science is seen here, and the contrast of the…

A blog about the past use of pepper in relation to the medical field. Highlights why exactly pepper was such a well sought after spice.

Sketch of reasearch by Luigi Galvini into the nervous system. Galvini descovered frog legs could move after the frog had died and decided nerves carry electric impulses.
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