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In the early 18th century, myths about physical racial differences started arising as a justification for slavery and dehumanisation of people of color. The portrait is of the black man, Josh Brown, who was tortured and experimented on by a physician…

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The definition of Phrenology as defined in the Webster's Academic Dictionary, circa 1895.

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According to the London Science Museum, "Pierre Francois Lacenaire (1800-36) was a notorious French killer. He was executed by guillotine in March 1836. A plaster copy was made of his head after his death. This was collected by Dr Gachet (1828-1909),…

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"The cadaver used to create this etching can be seen on display in the University�s Anatomical Museum, Teviot Place. The lymphatics have been injected with mercury to provide a clear illustration of this system for anatomical study. Believed to be…

The 1832 Act published in response to the growing demand for cadavers. "An Act for regulating Schools of Anatomy."

Mary Shelley, daughter of famed English philosopher and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, wrote Frankenstein at the start of the nineteenth century as the framed narrative of an inanimate heap of body parts brought together through an unknown process to…

In a courtyard are many people. Each are within their own groups and each group is in their own field of either the sciences or the arts. For example, a hot air balloon can be seen in the background, yet there are still artists coinciding with the…

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A late 18th-century engraving of the brain and connecting nervous system done by Robert Bernard.

Act 1 scene 4 king Richard III, Burke and Hare debating murder, No 5 of second series, Noxiana series of satires
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