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Burkeing the constitution of England!!!!!.jpg
This painting is also known as "Burkeing the constitution of England!!!!!". According to the Wellcome Collection, "John Bull lies on a bed, resting his head on a tick-covered bolster. The Duke of Wellington tries with his left hand to asphyxiate him…

Yorick classifies the workings of the Methodist church (that the greatest way to show connection to God is through charity and good works) as a mistake in lacking the self reflection on particular actions needed to be a good person.

Life of Stern.png
This was included in the complete works of Laurence Sterne, which also included a section about his own life. The full title is The works of Laurence Sterne, A.M. Prebendary of York, and Vicar of Sutton on the Forest, and of Stillington near York.…

Small methodist momento-mori. Made with glass, wood, wire, metal, and human hair using gimp work. Popular in the mid 1800s for mourning, family trees, or friendship keepsakes. This one features flowers and an inscription all under a dome

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Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 9.06.40 PM.png
A painting of a "man-demon" created by the German artist Franz Stuck.

BOD better.jpg
Image of the Heart Weighing scene from "Book of the Dead"

This is a photo of Mary Reynolds who is one of the first cases documents of multiple personality disorder. It is said that she experienced trauma as a child when she suffered religious persecution.

An excerpt from "The Wealth of Nations" by Smith which describes how higher and lower class citizens change their moral behavior when surrounded by a busy society. Smith also explains how lower-class citizens may be pressured differently upon joining…

This is an embroidered sample of Adam and Eve. Their position near the tree shows the moment they are both about to sin by eating the forbidden fruit.

Shamela purports that women are foolish if they fall in love with a man because of his riches instead of dutifully choosing to respect and honor the clergy as a well-behaved woman should.
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