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This Phrenological head shows all of the different personality areas of the head according to theories about the different head sizes and regions.

In this quote Adam Smith describes how a human craves for attention and affection. This can be clearly connected in context of Fantomina who constantly changed her personality to satisfy her such needs.

Grave markers was used to mark patients' graves who were buried on hospitals grounds.

This was a knife crafted by a mental patient from the 1800s and the object was made precisely and whoever the patient was, they took their time on this artifact. The knife was believed made for an escape or the possibility of killing a nurse.

This is a photo of Mary Reynolds who is one of the first cases documents of multiple personality disorder. It is said that she experienced trauma as a child when she suffered religious persecution.

This Image shows that Richard Mansfield, an actor and producer, performed this dual role in the stage adaptation of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Adam Smith describes an economic system designed such that individual greed and selfish passions are leveraged to do societal good. He intends to phase out the mercantilist system that was dominant at the time.
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