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A walkthrough of the major decisions Defoe’s Roxana made in the novel in order to gauge what our target audience would choose if they were ever in her position in order to determine whether they would be deemed “guilty” or “innocent” by society in…

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Graham-Dixon believes that Caravaggio was attempting to castrate Tomassini, since Tomassini bled to death from a femoral artery in his groin.

But Caravaggio’s associations with murder go even further. It is also thought that Caravaggio himself was…

The painting shows a young and beautiful woman in front of a mirror with two extinguished candle. She is looking at the viewer with her emotional eyes. She looks like she is still getting ready and there are two pillows and a sofa behind her. There…

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Two prostitutes exchanging their services with two eager men

Painting was made to show that often the King's mistresses are some of the most powerful people.

Portrait of courtesan Rosalie Duthé, circa 1792.png
Varenne, the prostitutes name, or at least what she called herself had many wealthy patrons. In the 18th century, As you can see in the picture, the woman is furnishing the house. Many kept women during that time were considered to be "perfectly…

This is a sketch from the late 1700s illustarating a soilder with prostitutes. This image depicts what people thought of prostitues/sex workers at the time.
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