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A mezzotint portrait of philosopher John Locke, mid-18th century

This is an oil on canvas painting dated from 1804/1805. It's painted by Joseph Allen and the woman posing is Diana Wynne.

Defoe portrait.jpg
This is a line engraving of Daniel Defoe, author of Roxana and other famous novels.

adam smith.jpg
A plaster cast based on a previously done work of Adam Smith was made by James Tassie

Mary Beale, one of the most successful female painters of the 17th century, painted the portrait of Thomas Sydenham who is known as the "English Hippocrates." He is considered as the father of English medicine. He graduated from Oxford.

A portrait of Samuel Richardson, author of Pamela And Clarissa done in 1747

fredrick chopin.jpg
A portrait of Frederic Chopin

Dr. Knox is holding a human hand and forearming seemingly describing it to the viewer.

Louis XV.jpg
A portrait of King Louis XV, the King at the time of publication of A Sentimental Journey by Sterne, done by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour.

A detailed oil painting of a woman that captures her particularity by depicting the damages of old age on her posture, expression, and skin.

Such a particular portrait was rare for its time, and would not become commonplace until the nineteenth…
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