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An analysis of the 18th century class system and how Fantomina steps outside the boundaries to fulfill her desire to entertain herself with prostitution.

Thomas Paine breaks down the declaration of independence and makes it clear that there is no true leader but only representatives and that the law is the only ruler in America.

Scorpion and Felixwas the only comedic novel ever officially written by Karl Marx, and even then, it was never officially published. Marx loved Laurence Sterne's work, and thus this piece was heavily influenced by Sterne's The Life and Opinions of…

political satire .jpeg
This is an example of satire of the English politics at the time. In the image we see a drawing of two men kissing where one of the men repersents England and the other repersents Ireland. This would be an example of a comic that is poking fun of the…

This is a painting of Queen Charlotte (1744-1818) with her Two Eldest Sons. Charlotte was the wife of King George III, and was the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from her wedding in 1761. Charlotte did have some influence on political affairs…

This is a graphic cartoon displaying a man beheaded at the guillotine in which the french use to "refine" their people. The cartoon also has text in which the British hierarchy gave their support for this method of murder.

Pitt Fall.jpeg
This is a political cartoon poking fun of English politics in the Eighteeth century. It illustrates different men fighting and failing for the crown.

Burkeing the constitution of England!!!!!.jpg
This painting is also known as "Burkeing the constitution of England!!!!!". According to the Wellcome Collection, "John Bull lies on a bed, resting his head on a tick-covered bolster. The Duke of Wellington tries with his left hand to asphyxiate him…
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