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A visual representation of the parts of the brain and how they are corrupted when guilt and evil is introduced.

A quote from "The Life and Opinion of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman" by Sterne, which describes a person's sense of reason being overwhelmed with passion.


Maria, from A Sentimental Journey, puts her face in her hands in sorrow as she contemplates her husband and father

A plate from the 1742 deluxe edition of Richardson's Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded showing Mr. B intercepting Pamela's first letter home to her mother.

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Thomas Stothard's %22Yorick, the Lady, and the Monk%22 (%22The Snuff-box%22) for Sterne's %22A Sentimental Jou.pdf
A pictorial representation of a famous scene between Yorick, the lady, and the monk - where they exchange snuff boxes.

There also exists further descriptions and information about the context of the images.

An excerpt from Chapter 2 The Vicar of Wakefield which captures the sentimental experience of courtship through an account of the daily routine led by the involved families

Specifically, this excerpt is on Smith's thoughts on love and how it affects people as an emotion and a passion.

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The narrator gives her account of the physical and psychological profile of the Surinamese natives in Oroonoko. She draws comparisons to the Garden of Eden before the Original Sin.

David Hume makes an argument about the change of passions and emotions that a human mind conveys when it meets different situations.

This passage was cited by the Oxford English Dictionary as being related to "passion" as "a count noun: any strong, controlling, or overpowering emotion, as desire, hate, fear, etc.; an intense feeling or impulse."
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