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Travel picture.jpg
A watercolor giving a view of the city of Spalato, modern day Split, Croatia, this drawing is from a series of original drawings by Louis François Cassas. Cassas is famous for his travel drawings, most often including classical monuments. His…

eng 3.jfif
This painting was made to serve as a basis for an engraving. Relying to some extent on romanticized French images of peasants, Inman focuses on the innocence of childhood as the healthy boy plucks an insect for bait. The youth and promise of the boy…

Ingres paints a female nude from behind taking a bath. Given her turban, it is assumed that she is from the "Orient," the East. This nude later served as a model for his future nude paintings.

A painting of a group of people enjoying a day out in the sun. They look from a higher social class and are in Paris.

The Shipwreck.jpg
The Shipwreck, by Joseph Vernet who was one of the most famous Romantic and landscape painters of his day, contrasts a moonlit backdrop to the crazed struggle for survival as sailors single-handedly attempt to ride the stormy seas to safety.

A terrifying image of the approaching nightmare that often filled the characters and those reading about them in the gothic period.

A dark painting created during the height of the Enlightenment that portrays a woman asleep with a white robe in a bed. Sitting on top of her is a figure that resembles an ape, but with a demonic look to its face. It has glowing eyes and flared…
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