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Joseph Highmore created twelve paintings based on the novel "Pamela". In this painting, he portrays Pamela fainting as Mr. B. attempts to seduce her. This shows that while literature was becoming more sentimental, so was art. Visual art and painting…

This item is a painting by Angelica Kauffmann of the Monk of Calais and Yorick exchanging snuff boxes, 1780


495px-John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare (1).jpg
The Nightmarehighlights how the understanding of the mind began to transform as Gothic literature became more popular. The painting portrays a sleeping woman and the contents of her nightmare, showing how Europeans viewed dreams in the 18th century.

Calm in the Meditereanean.jpg
A companion piece to A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast, this painting depicts the literal calm after the storm. In the distance, a large cumulus cloud, a possible stormy reminder of what has passed, loafs blissfully in the warm reds and yellows of the…

murderer painting.jpg
Black and white painting of a man standing over dismembered body and putting it into a fire.

A portrait of Samuel Richardson, author of Pamela And Clarissa done in 1747

A Storm on the Mediterranean.png
A companion piece to A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast shows a dark storm that has just ravaged a large ship drifting further inland as anxious survivors begin to reach the shore.Those familiar with Joseph Vernet will…

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 12.25.38 PM.png
A picture depicting the branding of Joseph Relph as punishment for his crime and as identification to deny the criminal benefits. Joesph Relph was convicted for manslaughter and was branded with an 'M'.

edgeworth family.png
A full family portrait of the Edgeworth family. Maria Edgeworth, famed for her works Belinda and Castle Rackrent

Painted is a ballerina who traveled through Europe playing shows in the King's Theater and the Paris Opera. When Yorick goes to the Opera in Paris, he may have seen people in similar dress and appearance at the show.
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