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Travel picture.jpg
A watercolor giving a view of the city of Spalato, modern day Split, Croatia, this drawing is from a series of original drawings by Louis François Cassas. Cassas is famous for his travel drawings, most often including classical monuments. His…

The subject was a 17-year-old Thomas Chatterton was a poet. He is dead after he poisoned himself with arsenic in 1770. A lot struggling artists in Wallis's day consider him as a romantic hero. He uses a bold color scheme with contrasts.

Slave in Chains.jpg
In its visceral depiction of a slave's psychologicaland physical suffering, this painting and others like it were commissioned tactically by Europe's abolitionist leaders during the early part of the 1800s to evoke widespread European sympathy for…

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A painting of a "man-demon" created by the German artist Franz Stuck.

A dark painting created during the height of the Enlightenment that portrays a woman asleep with a white robe in a bed. Sitting on top of her is a figure that resembles an ape, but with a demonic look to its face. It has glowing eyes and flared…

Hamlet looks at Yorick's skull and remembers him while thinking about death

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A painting of a scene from Sterne's A Sentimental Journeydepicting a downcast Maria and a dog, taking the place of her lost lover.

This item is a painting by Angelica Kauffmann of the Monk of Calais and Yorick exchanging snuff boxes, 1780


essay picture.jpg

A young couple in 18th century dress on a terrace, the man kneeling and taking the woman's hand, his elbows in her lap, looking up at her while she strokes his hair; his hat lies on a table with a chess board on the right; after Stone; before…

The Ferryman.jpg
The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes this as a painting that "exemplifies the timeless, idyllic quality that contemporary critics appreciated in his[Camille Corot] work."
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