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495px-John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare (1).jpg
The Nightmarehighlights how the understanding of the mind began to transform as Gothic literature became more popular. The painting portrays a sleeping woman and the contents of her nightmare, showing how Europeans viewed dreams in the 18th century.

Fire in England (Phily).jpg
Joseph M.W. Turner was present in London for the burning of Parliament and certainly sought to make use of it. As the fire raged, Turner studied the blaze from two different vantage points (including from a boat) sketches the scene from multiple…

Terrific description from The Cleveland Museum of Art (seriously amazing website; see source):"Fire consumed London’s famous Houses of Parliament on the night of October 16, 1834, and people gathered along the banks of the river Thames to gaze in awe…

A painting of the outside of the pump room in Bath described in Jane Austen's "Northanger Abbey". The website on which I found the painting also includes an excerpt from the novel describing the empowering "female intimacy" that is present in the…

A terrifying image of the approaching nightmare that often filled the characters and those reading about them in the gothic period.

Painted is a ballerina who traveled through Europe playing shows in the King's Theater and the Paris Opera. When Yorick goes to the Opera in Paris, he may have seen people in similar dress and appearance at the show.

eng 3.jfif
This painting was made to serve as a basis for an engraving. Relying to some extent on romanticized French images of peasants, Inman focuses on the innocence of childhood as the healthy boy plucks an insect for bait. The youth and promise of the boy…

A Storm on the Mediterranean.png
A companion piece to A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast shows a dark storm that has just ravaged a large ship drifting further inland as anxious survivors begin to reach the shore.Those familiar with Joseph Vernet will…

Calm in the Meditereanean.jpg
A companion piece to A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast, this painting depicts the literal calm after the storm. In the distance, a large cumulus cloud, a possible stormy reminder of what has passed, loafs blissfully in the warm reds and yellows of the…

The Shipwreck.jpg
The Shipwreck, by Joseph Vernet who was one of the most famous Romantic and landscape painters of his day, contrasts a moonlit backdrop to the crazed struggle for survival as sailors single-handedly attempt to ride the stormy seas to safety.
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