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A pornographic novel by Marquis de Sade telling the story of four wealthy males who voluntarily experience orgies.

The second best selling book in history, John Bunyan gives an account of Christian, a sinner that has recently decided to leave the town of destruction and journey towards Heaven.

Wildly popular since its release, The Pilgrim's Progress set out…

This resource is an essay concerned with how Oroonoko is a part of the transition of writer's beginning to write novels.


At the time that "circumstantial" perspective of the novel form began to take shape in the mid-seventeenth century, the English court system likewise evolved to prioritize the circumstances of the accused.

In this excerpt from "The Case of Mary…

Don Quixote.png
Don Quixote was published in 2 parts, in 1605 and 1615 (English publication in 1612 and 1620), and is a candidate for debate of what is the first novel.

"A Journal of the Plague Year" was originally considered to an edited edition of Henry Foe, Daniel Defoe's uncle, and was treated as nonfiction. That distinction was lost in 1780, and henceforth, the book has been considered something like a…

This is an excerpt from Eliza Haywood's Novel Love in Excess: or the Fatal Enquiry, a Novel. It raises interesting questions on the topic that seemed to be depicted a lot in 18th century novels: what is a woman's mind like? Were they required to…

This is a line engraving of novelist Henry Fielding author of Pamela and Clarissa.
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