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"A Journal of the Plague Year" was originally considered to an edited edition of Henry Foe, Daniel Defoe's uncle, and was treated as nonfiction. That distinction was lost in 1780, and henceforth, the book has been considered something like a…

An annotated passage from Fantomina which analyzes how that passage works with the novel as a whole and eighteenth-century ideas about the human mind.

Fantomina Paragraph 2.pdf
An annotated version of paragraph 2 of Haywood'sFantomina. These annotations pay special attention to the perception of women in the 18th century within the context of writings by philosophers such as David Hume and John Locke.

This resource is an essay concerned with how Oroonoko is a part of the transition of writer's beginning to write novels.


An annotated passage from Oroonoko pages (41-44)


An etching of various characters turning into characters. Henry Fielding was a sitter for this illustration. Caricatures just like Shamelaare a parody of source material.

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Samuel Richardson.jpg
Samuel Richardson reads aloud the manuscript of Sir Charles Grandison to a group of friends in 1751.

Don Quixote.png
Don Quixote was published in 2 parts, in 1605 and 1615 (English publication in 1612 and 1620), and is a candidate for debate of what is the first novel.
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