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The original sheet music of a piece Franz Liszt wrote.

Sapho poster.jpg
This poster is an advertisement for the opera Sapho that premiered in 1897. This French opera premiered at the same theater that Yorick saw his opera in, the Theatre de l'Opera-Comique.

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nocturne in c sharp minor.jpg
Original sheet music by Fredrick Chopin

One of Chopin's more popular pieces that was given the name, "The Heroic Polonaise"

A piano made by Bartolomeo Cristofori, credited as the inventor and first creator of the piano.

An instrument used during the Romanticism period to allow creative melodies to be created and different from the past Baroque period.

the awaited note.jpg
A woman sits at a piano in an elegant pink dress.

A depiction of a group of people being a nuisance in the late 1700s/early 1800s, making lots of noise and disturbing the peace.

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Four white women are playing music in concert with each other, one on flute, one on piano, one on violin, one on cello. They range in age, with the cellist appearing as an old woman, while the other musicians appear youthful. The painting is meant to…
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