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This is an interactive mind map that walks you through Aaron's life up to the point where he began to commit crimes and his suicide.

Here is a drawing of a man presented with a question of where a girl has gone. A girl he has murdered.

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This image shows some of the most remarkable trials from 1700 to 1764.

A New York City Prostitute was brutally murdered. She was discovered dead in her room. Richard Robinson was put on trial but went acquitted, and her murder remained unsolved.

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This image was created by Chris Ryann at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification in Dundee. It's based on his skull as well as descriptions in court papers.

John Brown carried this weapon in his Kansas Campaign. He led a raid and slave uprisings to end slavery.

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Graham-Dixon believes that Caravaggio was attempting to castrate Tomassini, since Tomassini bled to death from a femoral artery in his groin.

But Caravaggio’s associations with murder go even further. It is also thought that Caravaggio himself was…

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Marat was writing while in his bathtub. Outfitted with a wooden board, his tub also served as a makeshift desk, as the discomfort of a chronic skin condition often confined him to the bath. As he was working, his wife informed him that he had a…

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From the National Maritime Museum - Double barrelled shotgun owned by the Sultan of Witu in case (see AAA2541.1). There is a more detailed description of this shotgun contained within the "Notebook" field within the "Mail" icon.

From the National Maritime Museum - Naval rifle. Brass butt plate with tongue on top, fitted with a brass covered butt box with a semi-circular end (hinged) secured at the back by a steel spring. Plain brass trigger guard with brass spur behind. Two…
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