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Quote about the mind and how it's responsible for the perception of pleasure and pain. Metaphor for it being the seat of this.

A paper going through the accounts of morality in the 18th century.

Excerpt from Treatise of human nature.pdf
In this excerpt, Hume demonstrates why he believes moral perceptions do not derive from rational reasoning and refutes the view that humans are able to evaluate moral behaviors, so as to act in a "good" manner.

Hume describes the distinction between good and evil as particular pains and pleasures. Thus, the sense of virtue allows us to feel satisfaction in contemplating a character.


In Kant's first publication, he describes the categorical imperative: actions that are inherently good in themselves and do not use other actions or people as a means to an end.

Reasons for abstaining from West-India rum and sugar, suited to the understandings of the common people pg2 thru 5.pdf
A persuasive essay detailing the horrors of slave transport to rum and sugar plantations in the Caribbean
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