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The image portrays a mistress who is remarkably beautiful that women are constantly admiring her. The image also shows how self-centered the mistress is by showing how she is only interested in her image even though there is a broken plate on the…

A portrait of Barbara Palmer, the most well known mistress of King Charles II. Ancestor of the late Princess Diana.

Madame de Pompadour.png
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson was the official mistress of the chief, Louis XV. She was also a member of the French court and influential till her death.

In the image, the devil can be seen encouraging the women in the picture to continue being whores as one can be seen happily counting money. The image is the cover image of a book with the title literally translating to "The open-mouthed miss." But…

The woman in the image is seen holding a mask in one hand and a Pomegranate in the other. The mask allows her to change her appearance and simulate a different character. The Pomegranate is a symbol of fruitfulness.

This is another portrait of Madame de Pompadour, a chief mistress of Louis XV. She used her position to gain power and control a lot of Louis XV’s rulings of the time.

Although the title of this picture is Interior with a Sleeping Maid and her Mistress it has become known as The Idle Servant. The young woman is slumped on a stool, taking a snooze after the hard work of preparing a large meal. The heavy pots and…


Painting of Mary Robinson, actor, poet, and publicly recognized mistress to King George IV. She was depicted often as Perdita, the heroine of Shakespeare's "The Winter Tale."

This image depicts a young woman in the arms of her lover, the common perception of a fallen woman in the Victorian times. In this image, the young lady has her conscience awakened as she listens to music that reminds her of her roots. The look on…
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