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Part 2 Cushing.jpg
From the Yale Library of Medicine, this drawing depicts a traumatic brain injury operation on cerebral cortex

Part 1 Cushing.jpg
From Yale library of medicine, this drawing depicts the approach to the trigeminal ganglion for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia – bony removal

Daft Jamie.jpg
This is a portrait of James Wilkinson also known as "Daft Jamie." Wilkinson was a victim of Burke and Hare. He was "burked" in Hare's boarding house, and then Burke and Hare sold Wilkinson's body to Dr. Knox for his dissections.

The accompanying texts roughly translates to "I shot him in the tooth of his choice, he no longer complains of a toothache or bad health!" This is a reflection of the sometimes extreme medical decisions of the era.

According to the Wellcome Collection, "The Oxford English dictionary defines 'pitch-plaster' as 'A dressing containing pitch, used as a depilatory. Also: a dressing containing Burgundy pitch, used in the treatment of chest and rheumatic disorders'…

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From UCSF Library, According to Baunscheidt, the Lebenswecker was designed to quickly puncture the skin, creating “artificial pores.” The “pores,” i.e. puncture wounds, were then covered with a proprietary irritating oil called “Oleum Baunscheidtii”…

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Amputation kit in oak case; includes packet of surgical silk cord from Archibald Turner & Co. Case
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