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Medical students, body, and skeleton.jpg
A group of medical students and teacher of Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-yi Mülkiye (Civil Medical School), skeletons, and an opened cadaver are photographed.

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Amputation kit in oak case; includes packet of surgical silk cord from Archibald Turner & Co. Case

From UCSF Library, According to Baunscheidt, the Lebenswecker was designed to quickly puncture the skin, creating “artificial pores.” The “pores,” i.e. puncture wounds, were then covered with a proprietary irritating oil called “Oleum Baunscheidtii”…

Flyer for the highly sought after lectures of Professor Robert Knox

omika week two.jpeg
During the age where dissection of criminals was becoming legalized many books such as "A Description of the Body of Man" in which this piece was realized were surfacing.

Part 1 Cushing.jpg
From Yale library of medicine, this drawing depicts the approach to the trigeminal ganglion for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia – bony removal

Part 2 Cushing.jpg
From the Yale Library of Medicine, this drawing depicts a traumatic brain injury operation on cerebral cortex

A young physician taking the pulse of a woman with whom he is flirting, a young man passing by raises his hat. Colour stipple engraving by J. Parker, 1783, after J. Northcote.

These types of saws were used to cut open heads during surgeries.

cutty bois.jpg
This is a set of instruments that would be used to take a body apart after death.
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