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playing cards.jpeg
This is a set of nine playing cards from the eighteenth century that have a twisted context. The cards each depict a range of catergories including: fourtune, death, marriage, gentleman, crimes, honour, graden, industry, and time.

quiz a map c13471 39.jpg
The map depicts the ocean of love surrounding the land of matrimony, but unable to access it in any way.

A suitor asks for a young woman's hand in marriage.jpg
A young lady looks on through the doorway as her suitor asks her father for her hand in marriage while her mother and another man watches.

OMEKA Gallery.jpg
The picture is an engraving that depicts marriage as Cupid's snare and a fatal end of love, representing the matrimonial state as bondage.

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This painting depicts a merchant attempting to buy his way into aristocracy through marriage.

The hardships of the English laws in relation to wives..pdf
The author compares English law to Civil law in instances of a women's abilities in different circumstances. It also includes the author's objections to different laws.
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