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An atlas map published in 1880 depicts the borders of the Indian Empire, British Raj, that lasted from 1858 to 1947.

The map shows the city layout of Edinburgh and emphasizes the difference between Old Town and New Town. "The medieval pattern of narrow closes and wynds on the Old Town contrasts with the broad, elegant squares and circuses of the classically…

The map color-codes the Ottoman Empire's changing boundaries from 1807 to 1924 as the monarchies begin falling

This map, part of a larger set titledThe World Described, depicts how Africa was seen as a commodity by of Europeans. For example, the western coastline has been divided into zones labelled "Grain," "Ivory," "Gold," and "Slave Coast," which shows…

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A map of the world known to Europeans at the time of Robinson Crusoe's publishing, found on the second and third pages of the novel.
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