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This Candle stick depicts Venus the goddess of love and cupid, resting by flowers as a swan a creature of beauty is nursed by the goddess

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The map depicts the ocean of love surrounding the land of matrimony, but unable to access it in any way.

Specifically, this excerpt is on Smith's thoughts on love and how it affects people as an emotion and a passion.

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An analysis of the 18th century class system and how Fantomina steps outside the boundaries to fulfill her desire to entertain herself with prostitution.

A metaphor of what love is versus what lust is so that the reader might be able to better distinguish these two deceptively similar emotions.

Fantomina, disguised also as Widow Bloomer and Ingognita, writes letters to her love, Beauplaisir, who responds to each of them. These letters illustrate the complex love/prostitution relationship between the two and contributes to the frolic that…

This quotation reveals Beauplaisir's state of mind the first time he and the protagonist have sex, and reveals the ambiguity around power and consent in this moment. The narrator notes that by this point Beauplaisir is so determined to have sex with…

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Fantomina writes letters to Beauplaisir as multiple characters, and receives responses from each of them. The annotations explore the complexity of their relationship and what her initial response means.

This oil painting depicts two women sitting outside looking at each other lovingly. One is sitting on top of the other's legs and they are both holding a white dove with a love letter attached to it. The painter was created for Jeanne Antoniette…
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