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A New York City Prostitute was brutally murdered. She was discovered dead in her room. Richard Robinson was put on trial but went acquitted, and her murder remained unsolved.

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This life-like head of a woman was cut to show the great detail of the face under the skin and eyes. Wax models were used long times ago to study the human bodies.

This Phrenological head shows all of the different personality areas of the head according to theories about the different head sizes and regions.

John Brown carried this weapon in his Kansas Campaign. He led a raid and slave uprisings to end slavery.

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Medical Schools were behind a lot of grave robbing during the 1800s. John Scott was most famous for Ohio grave robbing, Various ways were created to prevent grave robbing such as exploding shells buried underground with coffins.

This was a knife crafted by a mental patient from the 1800s and the object was made precisely and whoever the patient was, they took their time on this artifact. The knife was believed made for an escape or the possibility of killing a nurse.

In On Hysteria, Sabine Arnaud traces the creation and rise of hysteria, from its invention in the eighteenth century through nineteenth-century therapeutic practice.

Thomas Paine breaks down the declaration of independence and makes it clear that there is no true leader but only representatives and that the law is the only ruler in America.

This article talks about the edited newspapers of Frederick Douglass are now brought online for the world to see and it highlights different collections by him that made his career so significant.

"Just as reasonable is it, to reckon women inferior to men, because their talents are in general not adapted to tread the horrid path of war, nor to trace the mazes and intricacies of science." (Alexander, 59)

This relates to times of when Roxana…

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