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Search Results for "Guilt" in Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language.Of particular note is the absence of an entry for "guilt" itself. Johnson's 1755 edition only includes guilt's associations.


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This is an image of the brain of Charles J Guiteau who shot president Garfield in 1881. With this specimen, you can see a real life "guilty mind." Guiteau was hung in 1882 where his brain was saved. Experts of the time said that the lob-sidedness or…

This is a portrait created to highlight Thomas Reid's 1764 book An Inquiry into the Human Mind, and on the Principles of Common Sense.

Locke's essay on the government and its role with the justice system in the 17th century. He talks about the law and how it relates to each and every individual. In the text, Locke's makes many comparison to biblical examples in the law and how God…

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David Myles is hanged for incest with his sister and this letter holds his final words. The text goes on to say how he repents for his sins and wishes he did not do it. He prays for mercy from God even though he is not an exemplarily Christian. In…

A journal excerpt of the Law and History Review. This excerpt particularly focuses on Guilt in the law of theft in 1750-1800

A poem that describes the feelings of guilt from 1797.

A man is awoken by hallucinations caused by guilt. He looks scared and worried about the visions he's getting during his sleep. Underneath the image is lettering that says "Stripes of conscience, or the midnight hour"

Pontius Pilate holds a dagger to himself as he prepares to kill himself. According to Eusebius in his "Ecclesiastical History", he kills himself in A.D. 39. Underneath the image is lettering in Italian which reads "Pilato oppresso dai rimorsi, si…

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The image depicts the trail of James Maclaine in London and the text below describes the trial.
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