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pherenology chart.png
The definition of Phrenology as defined in the Webster's Academic Dictionary, circa 1895.

Engraving or James McDermott and Grace Marks upon their trial at Toronto, Upper Canada, November 3RD AND 4TH, 1843. As they appeared at the Court House. Accused of Murdering Mr. Thos. Kinnear & Nancy Montgomery

Recorded "voluntary" confession of Grace Marks faimed Canadian Murderess and Trial Record

playing cards.jpeg
This is a set of nine playing cards from the eighteenth century that have a twisted context. The cards each depict a range of catergories including: fourtune, death, marriage, gentleman, crimes, honour, graden, industry, and time.

west port murders.jpg
This is the title page of the bookWest Port Murderswhich is said to be an true account of the Burke and Hare Murders, spefcifically the trial and execution of Burke. The site also has the remainer of the book for public view.

'The Lecturer' giving an anatomy lesson with a pig's carcase, No. 2, Noxiana series of satires

In this handwritten note, William Burke confesses to his murders.

This is a graphic cartoon displaying a man beheaded at the guillotine in which the french use to "refine" their people. The cartoon also has text in which the British hierarchy gave their support for this method of murder.

ancient Greek tragedy, King Oedipus had gone into self-imposed exile at Colonus, a town near Athens, after discovering to his horror that, unwittingly, he had murdered his father and married his own mother. Oedipus, having blinded himself in remorse,…

This is a photograph of a snuff box from the 18th century. In A Sentimental Journey, Yorick trades his tortoise shell snuff box with the Monk's horn snuff box because he feels guilty for not giving him money and insulting him earlier.

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