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the outside of and the inside of the same piece of moldy bread

Guiltinator 3000.JPG
A mock technical drawing of a machine named “Guiltinator 3000”. It is a machine which function is to determine whether a person is guilty or not. It determines a person’s guilt using advanced algorithmz, quantum mechanics, natural product chemistry…

In this video, the life of William Burke is represented as images from when he was a toddler to after his death. These images are positioned around a brain because it provides a visual representation of the humanity and logic of William Burke.…

Here is a drawing of a man presented with a question of where a girl has gone. A girl he has murdered.

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Phrenology image 1.jpg
This object is a modern facial goniometer that measures the skull. Skull mesuresments were used to assume certain chacteristics based on the principles of phrenology. This object is accompied by a worksheet intended for 8th or 9th grade students to…

A visual representation of the parts of the brain and how they are corrupted when guilt and evil is introduced.

2020-04-19 23.03.40.jpg
A photograph of Ben Richardson resigning himself to defeat after a failure to complete an assignment, which, because of his nature, he seems to regard as life-threatening.If you look behind his arm, you can see the computer where he's fruitlessly…

An emotional image series of a collage representing Locke's ideas on Mens Rea. The images are in the order to view. The black and white images are the soul's thoughts while the color is the body's thoughts. The images progress from a thought to a…

This painting by an unknown artist is based on Michelangelo’s drawing The Dream (Courtauld Institute, London).The art historian Vasari used the title ‘The Dream’ (’Il Sogno') in his 1568 edition of The Lives of the Artists. There is no other…


A contemporary print of the execution of William Burke.
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