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This lady is dressed in Regency clothing typical of the first half of the 1800s. She is skilfully created out of wax. She is half woman, half skeleton. The statue may have been made for one of three reasons: a darkly comic novelty, a ‘memento mori’…

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A woman is giving a man alcohol outside of an inn. They are both wearing tradition 18th century clothing.

Dating back to 1674, women are always accused of fewer and different crimes than men. During these times, men could only be charged for certain crimes such as rape but courts overlooked a lot of cases involving women.

In London in 1815, Elizabeth Fenning was a 20-year-old maid, who was arrested for intent to commit murder. Her mistress Charlotte Turner had discovered Fenning partially undressed in the apprentices’ room and he got kicked out. Fenning made weird…

This is an article that describes the relation between gender and crime in the 18th Century.

An analysis of the 18th century class system and how Fantomina steps outside the boundaries to fulfill her desire to entertain herself with prostitution.
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