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An older woman who appears to be a Quaker is painted with black and white clothing.

The mother looks to be from the upper class with beads the drape her hair to the blue fancy dress. Her daughter shares the same frilly attire and is handing her a rose.

The painting depicts the extravagance and exaggeration of fashion in the eighteenth century. It was important for people to look a certain way, and that involved an excessive amount of clothing.

Fashionable Hair in 1781.jpg
An etching demonstrating women's fashion in hairstyles in 1781

A mocking visual depiction of the aging socialite Lady Sarah Archer, who was infamous for her excessive makeup (aside from her illegal gambling dens and how she went about marrying off her four teenage daughters)Also, this is hardly customary for a…

Grown ladies taught to dance.jpg
This is a painting from British School 18th Century. It depicts a scene where ladies learn to dance. Fancy and over-the-top hairstyles and fashion can be seen here.

An exhibit at the Met of a recovered 18th century wig of the likes characters Yorick would have worn.

Painted is a ballerina who traveled through Europe playing shows in the King's Theater and the Paris Opera. When Yorick goes to the Opera in Paris, he may have seen people in similar dress and appearance at the show.
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