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This is a quote by Laurence Sterne in which he talks about how much of our experience remains in our heads and how much of them flees away. He also discusses how fast memories escape us and what impressions they leave us.

Before Laurence Sterne published Shandy andA Sentimental Journey, he wrote sermons as a parson which tackled many questions about human identity and experience in the eighteenth century.

An annotated passage from Fantomina which analyzes how that passage works with the novel as a whole and eighteenth-century ideas about the human mind.

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In this excerpt from "The Theory of Moral Sentiments," Smith asserts that there is no way to directly understand the experience of others beside relating their experience to your proprietary experience. Smith asserts that the strength of our…

English culture began to recognize individual human experience in the mid-seventeenth century. While this recognition helped shape the novel, it also it also influenced many other facets of seventeenth-century England, including the legal system. The…

At the time that "circumstantial" perspective of the novel form began to take shape in the mid-seventeenth century, the English court system likewise evolved to prioritize the circumstances of the accused.

In this excerpt from "The Case of Mary…
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